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Love Can Travel Miles Away

Love Can Travel Miles Away
Just Like Time Does During Night & Day
But As Love Travels Miles Apart
It Still Has A Solid Place In The Heart
As I Express These Feelings I Have For You
I Hope You Have Them For Me Too
Because My Life Is Empty Without You…
A Day Will Come When We Will Be Together
How Long It Takes Doesn’t Matter
We Will Go To A Place Which Is Beautiful And Quite
Enjoying Food In Candle Light
Silent Music Will Increase The Grace
And Moon Light Will Add Beauty To Her Face
Together We Will Look At Stars For Long
And Then We Will Dance On Her Favourite Song
Whole Night We Will Spend Looking At Moon
Having Her Hand In Mine I’ll Make It Clear Soon
No One Can Take Your Place In My Life
Can We Be Husband And Wife?
If She Agrees Then It’s Time For Us To Fly
And If She Says No Then Its Better For Me To Die
Day And Night Like A Hell,
Everything Is Lonely,
Everything Is Not Well,
There Is Deep Frustration In Me,
My Heart And Mind Is Not Within Me,
Lots Of Things I Have To Say,
Tell Me The Way Has To Tell,
There Was Time When Smile Was With Me,
Heart Was Full Of Hope And Sky Of Happiness Was In Me,
But Today Is The Time When Ottoman With Me,
Days Are Long And Hopes Are Dying In Me.
You Were The Smile Of My Face,
And Now You Are Tears Of Me,
You Gave Your Hand Like Rain In Desert,
And Now You Are Behaving Like That Time Has No Mean,
For God Sake Doesn’t Do This To Me.
If I Did A Mistake Then Forgive To Me,
If You Want To Out Of My Life With Out Any Reason Fine,
But When You Will Be Out Of My Life’
There Will Be A Big Change In Me.
Mom, You’re A Wonderful Mother,
So Gentle, Yet So Strong.
The Many Ways You Show You Care
Always Make Me Feel I Belong.
You Are Patient When I’m Foolish;
You Give Guidence When I Ask;
It Seems You Can Do Most Anything;
You’re The Master Of Every Task.
You’re A Dependable Source Of Comfort,
You’re My Cushion When I Fall.
You Help In Times Of Trouble,
You Support Me Whenever I Call.
I Love You More Than You Know,
You Have My Totl Respect.
If I Had My Choice Of Mothers,
You’d Be The One I’d Select!…
True Friends Are For Life
Until The End
They Are More Than Special
They Are Your Best Friends.
They Are The One You Can Go To
When You Are In Despair
The Ones That Will Help You
Even When You Got Gum In Your Hair!
They Are The One Who Will Laugh
And Go Laughing With You All Through
The Night
The Ones Who Will Help You
Help You With All Their Might.
To Have A Good Friend
You Have To Be One
So Be Nice To One Another
So You Can Be Friends Forever
And That’s How To Be The Best Friend You Can Be.
When I Am Glad,
You Are In My Smile,
When I Am Sad,
You Are In My Tears,
When I Am Walking,
You Are In My Step,
When I Am Sleeping,
You Are In My Dreams,
I Think These Are Special Feelings,
If I Were An Artist,
I Would Paint My Feelings,
If I Were A Poetess,
I Would Quote My Feelings,
But I Am An Ordinary Girl,
So I Just Say,
I Love You.
I Saw A Beautiful Morning Like I Had Never Before
With A Cloudy Sky Up Hiding Shine Of The Sun
So Cleverly In Her Heights
I Felt A Soothing Wind Like Never Before
Touched So Gently Passed Through My Heart
Made Me Fell So Close To Someone I Love
I Went In The Rain, I Walked In The Dark
The Flawless Nature And All The Joy In My Heart
Made Me Feel Of Someone I Knew
And When I Smelt The Queen Of All Flowers
I Found That I Knew That Too In My Mind,
Only That Day When You Came To Us, In The World
My Dear, I Realized
All That Was Of You!
It’s A Joke; As Long As You Laugh On It
It’s A Hope, As Long As You Count On It.
It’s Nothing But A Simple Illusion
As Long As You Do Not Step On It.
It Would Take Him A Moment
To Make You Believe The Lie- That He Loves You
But Believe Me, Your Entire Lifetime Will Be Less
To Live The Lie Through.
Cause, Whenever You Will See With Your Eyes
Your Eyes Will See What You Want
You Can Easily Leave Everything For Him, But Actually, He Can’t!

Shayari    ||     English Shayari

Here We Brings You The Best,

Happy New Year SMS Wishes
Here We Brings You The Best, Greatest And Classical New Year Quotes, New Year Sms, New Year Messages And A Great New Year Shayari For Your Dear Ones. This Biggest Collection Is The Saying Of Great Historical Persons At New Year’s Eve.
Each Age Has Deemed The New-Born Year,
The Fittest Time For Festal Cheer,
So Happy New Year!
Year’s End Is Neither An End Nor A Beginning But A Going On, With All The Wisdom That Experience Can Instill In Us. Happy Happy New Year!
The Merry Year Is Born,
Like The Bright Berry From The Naked Thorn. Happy New Year!
Ring Out The Old, Ring In The New,
Ring, Happy Bells, Across The Snow:
The Year Is Going, Let Him Go;
Ring Out The False, Ring In The True.
Happy Happy New Year
Youth Is When You’re Allowed To Stay Up Late On New Year’s Eve. Middle Age Is When You’re Forced To. Wish You A Very Happy New Year…
An Optimist Stays Up Until Midnight To See The New Year In. A Pessimist Stays Up To Make Sure The Old Year Leaves. Happy New Year…
Many People Look Forward To The New Year For A New Start On Old Habits. Happy New Year…
A New Year’s Resolution Is Something That Goes In One Year And Out The Other. Very Very Happy New Year…
Be Always At War With Your Vices, At Peace With Your Neighbors, And Let Each New Year Find You A Better Man. Happy Happy New Year!
No One Ever Regarded The First Of January With Indifference. It Is That From Which All Date Their Time, And Count Upon What Is Left. It Is The Nativity Of Our Common Adam. Happiest New Year!
New Year’s Day Is Every Man’s Birthday. Happy New Year…
Never Tell Your Resolution Beforehand, Or It’s Twice As Onerous A Duty. Have A Great New Year…
New Year’s Eve Is Like Every Other Night; There Is No Pause In The March Of The Universe, No Breathless Moment Of Silence Among Created Things That The Passage Of Another Twelve Months May Be Noted; And Yet No Man Has Quite The Same Thoughts This Evening That Come With The Coming Of Darkness On Other Nights. Happy New Year!
The Old Year Has Gone. Let The Dead Past Bury Its Own Dead. The New Year Has Taken Possession Of The Clock Of Time. All Hail The Duties And Possibilities Of The Coming Twelve Months! Happy New Year…
Cheers To A New Year And Another Chance For Us To Get It Right. Cheers To New Year!!!
The Proper Behavior All Through The Holiday Season Is To Be Drunk. This Drunkenness Culminates On New Year’s Eve, When You Get So Drunk You Kiss The Person You’re Married To. Happy New Year…
Every Man Should Be Born Again On The First Day Of January. Start With A Fresh Page. Take Up One Hole More In The Buckle If Necessary, Or Let Down One, According To Circumstances; But On The First Of January Let Every Man Gird Himself Once More, With His Face To The Front, And Take No Interest In The Things That Were And Are Past. Happy New Year…
New Year’s Day: Now Is The Accepted Time To Make Your Regular Annual Good Resolutions. Next Week You Can Begin Paving Hell With Them As Usual. Happy New Year!
The New Year Begins In A Snow-Storm Of White Vows.
***Happy New Year***
For Last Year’s Words Belong To Last Year’s Language
And Next Year’s Words Await Another Voice.
And To Make An End Is To Make A Beginning.
“Happy New Year”
We Will Open The Book. Its Pages Are Blank. We Are Going To Put Words On Them Ourselves. The Book Is Called Opportunity And Its First Chapter Is New Year’s Day. A Great New Year
Yesterday, Everybody Smoked His Last Cigar, Took His Last Drink And Swore His Last Oath. Today, We Are A Pious And Exemplary Community. Thirty Days From Now, We Shall Have Cast Our Reformation To The Winds And Gone To Cutting Our Ancient Shortcomings Considerably Shorter Than Ever. Happy New Year, Happy New Year!!
People Are So Worried About What They Eat Between Christmas And The New Year, But They Really Should Be Worried About What They Eat Between The New Year And Christmas. “”Happy New Year”"
And Ye, Who Have Met With Adversity’s Blast,
And Been Bow’d To The Earth By Its Fury;
To Whom The Twelve Months, That Have Recently Pass’d
Were As Harsh As A Prejudiced Jury -
Still, Fill To The Future! And Join In Our Chime,
The Regrets Of Remembrance To Cozen,
And Having Obtained A New Trial Of Time,
Shout In Hopes Of A Kindlier Dozen.
{{{ Happy New Year }}}
Drop The Last Year Into The Silent Limbo Of The Past. Let It Go, For It Was Imperfect, And Thank God That It Can Go. Happy New Year!!!
Good Resolutions Are Simply Checks That Men Draw On A Bank Where They Have No Account.
+++ Happy NEW YEAR +++
Glory To God In Highest Heaven,
Who Unto Man His Son Hath Given;
While Angels Sing With Tender Mirth,
A Glad New Year To All The Earth.
Happy New Year To You!!!
A New Oath Holds Pretty Well; But… When It Is Become Old, And Frayed Out, And Damaged By A Dozen Annual Retryings Of Its Remains, It Ceases To Be Serviceable; Any Little Strain Will Snap It. [ *Happy New Year* ]
But Can One Still Make Resolutions When One Is Over Forty? I Live According To Twenty-Year-Old Habits.
Happy New Year
A Www.Shayarism.Com New Year SMS Collection
When Then Is Lost, As Time Is By,
We Look Upon The Yearly Wine
To See Our Substance In The Lees.
Did Tribe And Purse Most Pleasing Leave?
To Look For Clear And Faithful Sense,
That Gives A Bodied Stance Bouquet,
Then See The Vat At Mirror’s Face
And Find In It, The Yearly Pace.
Many Years Ago I Resolved Never To Bother With New Year’s Resolutions, And I’ve Stuck With It Ever Since.
Wishing You A Happy New Year…
I Do Think New Year’s Resolutions Can’t Technically Be Expected To Begin On New Year’s Day, Don’t You? Since, Because It’s An Extension Of New Year’s Eve, Smokers Are Already On A Smoking Roll And Cannot Be Expected To Stop Abruptly On The Stroke Of Midnight With So Much Nicotine In The System. Also Dieting On New Year’s Day Isn’t A Good Idea As You Can’t Eat Rationally But Really Need To Be Free To Consume Whatever Is Necessary, Moment By Moment, In Order To Ease Your Hangover. I Think It Would Be Much More Sensible If Resolutions Began Generally On January The Second.
(Happy New Year)
New Year’s Eve, Where Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot. Unless, Of Course, Those Tests Come Back Positive.
Too Much Happy New Year…
We Meet Today
To Thank Thee For The Era Done,
And Thee For The Opening One.
Happy New Year…
One Resolution I Have Made, And Try Always To Keep, Is This: To Rise Above The Little Things.
Happy New Year
Of All Sound Of All Bells… Most Solemn And Touching Is The Peal Which Rings Out The Old Year. ~Charles Lamb
A Happy New Year! Grant That I
May Bring No Tear To Any Eye
When This New Year In Time Shall End
Let It Be Said I’ve Played The Friend,
Have Lived And Loved And Labored Here,
And Made Of It A Happy Year.
It Wouldn’t Be New Year’s If I Didn’t Have Regrets.
!!! Happy New Year !!!
We Spend January 1 Walking Through Our Lives, Room By Room, Drawing Up A List Of Work To Be Done, Cracks To Be Patched. Maybe This Year, To Balance The List, We Ought To Walk Through The Rooms Of Our Lives… Not Looking For Flaws, But For Potential.
::: Happiest New Year :::
May All Your Troubles Last As Long As Your New Year’s Resolutions.
Happy Happy Happy New Year
He Who Breaks A Resolution Is A Weakling;
He Who Makes One Is A Fool. Just Cheers To New Year!!!
The Object Of A New Year Is Not That We Should Have A New Year. It Is That We Should Have A New Soul And A New Nose; New Feet, A New Backbone, New Ears, And New Eyes. Unless A Particular Man Made New Year Resolutions, He Would Make No Resolutions. Unless A Man Starts Afresh About Things, He Will Certainly Do Nothing Effective. Happy New Year.
I Think In Terms Of The Day’s Resolutions, Not The Year’s. Have A Great New Year Day…
Time Has No Divisions To Mark Its Passage, There Is Never A Thunder-Storm Or Blare Of Trumpets To Announce The Beginning Of A New Month Or Year. Even When A New Century Begins It Is Only We Mortals Who Ring Bells And Fire Off Pistols. Happy New Year!
I Made No Resolutions For The New Year. The Habit Of Making Plans, Of Criticizing, Sanctioning And Molding My Life, Is Too Much Of A Daily Event For Me. Happy New Year + Happy New Year + Happy New Year
Why Won’t They Let A Year Die Without Bringing In A New One On The Instant, Can’t They Use Birth Control On Time? I Want An Interregnum. The Stupid Years Patter On With Unrelenting Feet, Never Stopping – Rising To Little Monotonous Peaks In Our Imaginations At Festivals Like New Year’s And Easter And Christmas – But, Goodness, Why Need They Do It? Happy New Year.
New Year’s Is A Harmless Annual Institution, Of No Particular Use To Anybody Save As A Scapegoat For Promiscuous Drunks, And Friendly Calls And Humbug Resolutions. ^^^ Happy New Year ^^^
Every Man Regards His Own Life As The New Year’s Eve Of Time. (Happy New Year)
The Only Way To Spend New Year’s Eve Is Either Quietly With Friends Or In A Brothel. Otherwise When The Evening Ends And People Pair Off, Someone Is Bound To Be Left In Tears. Happy New Years…

Shayari    ||     English Shayari

One Homeless Man Said To The Other Homeless Man,

It Is You,
Who Make Me Feel Special It Is You,
Who Give Me Happiness It Is You,
Who Becomes My Companion It Is You,
Who Cares Me Like My Mom It Is You,
Who Sits By My Side In My Loneliness,
And Whom I Love The Most, It Is You….
Teacher To Electronis Student: “Naade” Ko English Mein Kya Kehte Hain?
Student: P.H.D.
Teacher: Kya Matlab?
Student: Pajama Holding Device. ;-)
A Couple Had A Fight Whole Night…
Later Next Morning, Husband Offered A Glass Of Milk To His Wife.
Wife – You Are Sorry For Fighting With Me?
Husband – No… Today Is Nag Panchami,
Le Nagin Pee Le.
Bright Colors,Water Balloons,Lovish Gujiyas And Melodious Songs,
Wish You A Very Happy And Wonderful Holi…
Are The Ingredients Of Perfect Holi.
One Homeless Man Said To The Other Homeless Man,”I Smell Like A Sewage Dumps!”So, The Other Homeless Man Said,
”A Flash Flood Warning In Affect In This Area Soon, I Have A Bar Of Anti-Bacteria Soap And A Shrub Brush You Can Used.”

Story    ||     English Shayari

Once there was an island where all the feelings lived together.

Once there was an island where all the feelings lived together.
One day there was a storm in the sea and the island was about to drown.
Every Feeling was scared but Love made a boat to escape.
All the feelings jumped in the boat except for one feeling.
Love got down to see who it was…It was Ego!!
Love tried & tried but Ego didnt move..
Everyone asked Love to leave Ego
& come in the boat but Love was meant to Love….
It remained with Ego.
All other feelings were left alive but Love died because of Ego!!